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The Invivo offers

High-Standard Biological Products That Support The Environment

Browse Our Areas of Expertise

Our microbial and environmental monitoring solutions can address your complex needs.


Our experts will help you to develop probiotic bacteria accordingly to flourish the aquaculture system.


Our experts believe that microbes and plants are the main allies in almost every life process. Invivo can provide you with customized agricultural inputs. Our proprietary formulas provide better growth and increased soil fertility products.


Invivo’s customized formulas, reduce organics and odors on your surfaces fabrics and other desired areas.


Our biological products reduce costs, improves system efficiency and help you maintain compliance with state and federal laws. Invivo’s products can help with all of your wastewater needs


Invivo has designed proprietary formulas to work rapidly to digest sludge waste and odor and also remove suspended organic remains within the water column. Our products remove by-products like ammonia nitrate and phosphorus too.


Invivo products maintain competitive exclusion by improving the number of good bacteria present in the animals gut. The strains of bacteria in these products were chosen for their abilities to produce beneficial enzymes such as: alpha-amylase, cellulase, and protease.


About Invivo Solutions

We the microbial wizard Invivo Biosciences LLC are a world-class leader in fermentation and product formulation. We believe in supplying high-quality microbial culture. We have over thirty years of experience to meet any of your unique product needs. Hence, we work on selected strains of 100% natural bacteria to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.
Moreover, the best platform where Microbial magic occurs. Along with this we have been the supply partner to a host of organizations in various markets Aquaculture, Bio-agriculture, Industrial, Waste water, Animal nutrition and Pond and lake. We have built a solid reputation of trust and quality to fulfill the needs of our valuable customers.

Our researchers specialists and experts worked very hard by using their knowledge and experience to provide you to give best solutions to your problems. That is why today we are an ISO:9001 company with twenty years of microbial fermentation and product development experience.

A development partner and best provider for microbial manufacturing plants

There is an increasing demand for high-quality microbiological fermentation technology in the era of synthetic biology and sustainable manufacturing methods. Today, Invivo Biosciences LLC is among one of the biosphere’s leading microbial companies.

Our knowledge and expertise in microbiology stretch from fermentation to aquaculture, bio-agriculture, biotech, animal nutrition, wastewater, and ponds. Invivo Biosciences helps you with specific site applications and the formulation of general label application rates. Explore our products below in each category.

News & Blog

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples

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Probiotics In Poultry Nutrition

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